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Behind the Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan and Why Support Is Needed Now

The war between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces has led to the displacement of millions of people, with non-Arab populations in Darfur being specifically targeted, and the United States and United Nations have announced aid packages but have yet to meet their funding goals.

Access to Finance Rwanda Launches Finscope 2024 

Access to Finance Rwanda has launched the fifth Finscope Survey to reveal access trends and changes in financial inclusion in Rwanda over the past four years, with a focus on inclusive finance and the use of digital financial services.

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Kenyan Scholars Study at U.S. Military Academies and HBCUs

Kenyan President William Ruto and Department of Defense Leader Lloyd Austin announced plans to merge against forces like al-Shabab and Manda Bay airfield, and the decision to make Kenya a major non-NATO ally, as well as a five-year framework to enhance relations between the two countries.

Kenyan State Visit Pronounces Black Pride for African Americans

Kenyan President William Ruto was welcomed to the White House by President Joe Biden for a state arrival, with the two leaders discussing partnerships and economic stability, and Biden announcing a $1.3 million youth empowerment program and a $600,000 disability inclusion program.

Google, Rwanda Launch Platform to Promote Culture and Art

Google and the Rwanda Cultural Heritage Academy have launched a platform to promote Rwandan culture and art, preserving and digitizing Rwandan stories, images, and more, while also providing opportunities for visual artists to showcase their talents.

Rwanda, Kenya Agree to Extend Railway Network

Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo have signed a joint communique to extend the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) network, with the aim of promoting cross-border movement of goods and people and creating economic hubs.

Africa’s Rating Agency Plan to End Unfairness 

Africa is working on a credit rating agency to be launched by the end of 2024 to address unfairness in the international rating agencies, and provide more balanced and comprehensive opinions on African credit instruments.

AU to Fund SADC Mission in Democratic Republic of Congo

The African Union Peace and Security Council has requested the AU Commission to mobilize support for the SADC military mission in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, including from its Peace Fund and the provision of equipment.

Nigeria’s Aliko is Africa’s Richest Man

Nigeria is home to the richest man in Africa and the richest Black man on earth, Aliko Dangote, as well as other Forbes-recognized billionaires, including Mike Adenuga, Abdulsamad Rabiu and Femi Otedola.

Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger Withdraw from ECOWAS

Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger have announced their immediate withdrawal from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), citing inhumane sanctions imposed by the regional economic bloc for recent coups in their respective countries.

Kagame: ‘We Will Always do What is Necessary to Ensure Rwandans are Safe’

In his end-of-year address, Rwanda President Paul Kagame emphasized that Rwanda remains committed to safeguarding the safety and security of its citizens, regardless of the challenges, The New Times, Rwanda’s largest daily newspaper, reported on Dec. 30. Acknowledging the prevailing regional insecurity, the Head of State emphasized the nation’s resilience in the face of criticism, even when unjustified. “I want you…